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Patient Testimonials

"I've seen significant improvements since working with Lisa. She is very informative and has used a wider range of techniques than my former PT's, yet my exercise program is simple and convenient. Lisa is also personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend her."

~Anne, Buffalo

"I have been working with Lisa ever since my husband and I moved back to the WNY area in 2013. I am a serious distance runner and while living in Boulder, CO I worked with physical therapists who are considered to be some of the best and who work with some of our top professional athletes and runners to keep me running strong. Dr. Martin is the best that I have worked with. She is innovative and intuitive and has helped me avoid serious injury time and time again. I have come across some interesting hurdles with my body after having our first child 2 years ago and she has always been able to right them. I was able to run a race and place 2nd 8 weeks after giving birth because of Lisa's help. I feel like I have struck gold with Dr. Martin, so grateful!"

~Marguerite, East Aurora


"Three years ago I was successfully treated by Lisa for issues with my neck, left shoulder and left arm. I was extremely satisfied with her treatment, so when the old injuries flared up I knew I wanted to work with her again. I had never experienced physical therapy in my own home and now that I have I will never go back to a typical PT office. Even though my pain was greater and my range of motion even more limited than before, my recovery has been nearly twice as fast. I give Lisa's personalized attention full credit for my speedy recovery--the extra time she's able to spend stretching my neck and shoulder has been particularly helpful. Every appointment brings immediate relief and the exercises she has me perform on my own are slowly rebuilding my weakened muscles. I would recommend her services to anyone."

~Jillian, Buffalo

"I went to see Lisa with long term problems with my feet and my back  When I called her, my back hurt so much that I had difficulty walking up and down the stairs, or standing up from a chair.  She approached my issues with an open mind, and assessed my problems without any preconceived notions.  Working with her was a pleasure - with care decisions being made with great sensitivity to my needs and my opinions.  After my course of treatment, I left with my back pain issues resolved, and my foot pain issues greatly reduced.  I also left with an exercise program that helps me maintain this higher level of functionality over time.  Thanks, Lisa!"

~Glenn, Williamsville

"Lisa was the best! I had gone to other PT facilities in the past and did not receive the individual attention and expertise as I did with her. My sleeping is better and overall mobility has improved. Lisa gave great suggestions and stretched me out each time."

~Bonnie, Buffalo

"I have been a patient of Lisa’s for 5 years now. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is always there for me. This last visit lasted quite a long time due to a surgery I had. I could only lay on my back and that did not do my back justice. I called Lisa and she helped me immediately. She has made me stronger and my muscles have improved immensely. Thank you Lisa."

~Sue, Tonawanda

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